Lafil 400 Plus, Portable Suction System, AC220V, 50Hz

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Item Name: Lafil 400 Plus, Portable Suction System, AC220V, 50Hz
Model No.: Lafil 400 Plus
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Lafil 400 Plus, Portable Suction System, AC220V, 50Hz

Specification (220V/50Hz)
◆ Max. vacuum:30 mbar
◆ Max. flow rate:20 L/min
◆ Hose barb:5/16 inch (8 mm)
◆ Pump type: Piston
◆ Dimension (LxWxH):53 x 24 x 35 cm

◆ Suction bottle:PES (1200 ml)
◆ 1-channel tip adaptor with ejector:POM
◆ 8-channel tip adaptor with ejector:POM
◆ 1-channel tip adaptor (150 mm):POM

Product thumb
Lafil 400 Plus, Portable Suction System, AC220V, 50Hz

Features :

◆ Space-saving and safe operation
Lafil series suction system is an unique integrated suction system by combining vacuum source with suction kit. Its compact design save more bench space than other traditional ones. With a fence-like platform design, it can prevent user's negligence from tipping over the suction bottle

◆ Oil-free vacuum pump
No lubricant required, maintenance free, low noise and durable.

◆ Overflow protection
Built-in overflow protection prevent the medium from flowing into the pump.

◆ User-friendly lock switch design
BioDolphin's ergonomic handle and friendly designed lock switch can keep continuous suction without pressing button all the time.

◆ Single-handed tip ejection
The innovative tip ejection design enables tip ejection by single hand easy.

◆ Quick fitting change
Quick connection coupling between fitting and handle can make any fittings replaced quickly.

◆ Autoclavable
Waste bottle and all supplied fitting parts are autoclavable.

Certification :
◆ CE certification (for Lafil vacuum pump)

Applications :
◆ Cell culture aspiration
◆ Laboratory waste suction

Ordering Information :
◆ 197405-11(22)
Lafil 400 - Plus, Suction System
AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz)
◆ 199100-30 Handle
◆ 199100-75 1-channel tip adaptor with ejector
◆ 199100-50 8-channel tip adaptor with ejector
◆ 199100-76 1-channel tip adaptor (150 mm)

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