DAIHAN® 56Lit Low Temp Plasma Sterilizer “MaXterile TM PS60”, Max. 60, Class- Medical Device(NIDS)Suitable for Medical Instrument, 50% Hydrogen Peroxide Injection, Microprocessor 7 " Touch Screen ControllerWith Front Door & SQUARE Chamber, 2 Perforated STS Tray,

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Brand: DAIHAN-brand®
Item Name: (Acc.)Replacement Air Filter-kit, 0.3?
Model No.: DH.SteA1016
Unit: 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Chemical Indicator, 250sheet
Model No. DH.StePA1031
Price : RM 964.91
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Biological Indicator, 100ea
Model No. DH.StePA1030
Price : RM 8,270.36
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Movable Stand with 1 Drawer, 680×865×h610mm
Model No. DH.StePA1025
Price : RM 3,446.00
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Oil for Vacuum Pump, 1Lit for MaXterile PS60
Model No. DH.StePA1017
Price : RM 222.66
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Oil Mist Trap for MaXterile PS60
Model No. DH.StePA1015
Price : RM 1,081.56
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Spare Bottle Only, F55×124 mm, for MaXterile
Model No. DH.StePA1012
Price : RM 42.40
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Bottle with Hydrogen Peroxide(50%), 100ml, for MaXterile
Model No. DH.StePA1011
Price : RM 212.06
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Shelf Perforated, Stainless, for MaXterile PS60
Model No. DH.StePA1001
Price : RM 1,272.37
Unit : 1/Ea.
Low Temp Plasma Sterilizer, MaXterile PS60, 220V
Model No. DH.SteP8001
Price : RM 179,283.68
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Replacement Air Filter-kit, 0.3?
Model No. DH.SteA1016
Price : RM 233.29
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)Thermal Paper Package, STEA1006, 4 Paper Roll, for STEA1005
Model No. DH.SteA1006
Price : RM 63.63
Unit : 1/Ea.
Product thumb
(Acc.)Replacement Air Filter-kit, 0.3?
Product thumb
(Acc.)Replacement Air Filter-kit, 0.3?

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