Cowie® PTFE Dipper, -200℃~+280℃ withstand, 100~1,000㎖Ideal for Sampling the Most Aggressive Media, 60cm Handle Shaft(Steel Core), [ UK-made ] , PTFE 디퍼

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Brand: Cowie®
Item Name: Dipper 500ml
Model No.: CW.036.500
Unit: 1/Ea.
Cylinder conical pmp 500ml
Model No. KA.1424
Price : RM 698.06
Unit : 8/Pk.
Handle shaft 61 cm
Model No. CW.036.001
Price : RM 439.19
Unit : 1/Ea.
Dipper 100ml
Model No. CW.036.100
Price : RM 655.78
Unit : 1/Ea.
Dipper 1000ml
Model No. CW.036.1000
Price : RM 1,047.37
Unit : 1/Ea.
Dipper 250ml
Model No. CW.036.250
Price : RM 798.22
Unit : 1/Ea.
Dipper 500ml
Model No. CW.036.500
Price : RM 919.07
Unit : 1/Ea.
Product thumb
Dipper 500ml
Product thumb
Dipper 500ml

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