“New-P.NIX® RO(Reverse Osmosis)” Water Purification System, 15·25·35-L/hrWith Pretreatment System, 2-Steps of Filter Exchange Indicator, (RO) Product 0.2 ~ 30/cm,

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Brand: DAIHAN-brand®
Item Name: (Acc.)10 Prefilter
Model No.: DH.WWP.10PF
Unit: 1/Ea.
(Acc.)P.NIX RO Pack ? for DH.WWP.RO380
Model No. DH.WWP.ROM3
Price : RM 3,049.39
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)P.NIX RO Pack ? for DH.WWP.RO280
Model No. DH.WWP.ROM2
Price : RM 2,613.79
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)P.NIX RO Pack?for DH.WWP.RO180
Model No. DH.WWP.ROM1
Price : RM 1,916.78
Unit : 1/Ea.
New-P.NIX, Pure Water, RO-380, 35Lit/Hr. w/PT1
Model No. DH.WWP.RO380
Price : RM 18,008.90
Unit : 1/Ea.
New-P.NIX, Pure Water, RO-280, 25Lit/Hr. w/PT1
Model No. DH.WWP.RO280
Price : RM 15,436.28
Unit : 1/Ea.
New-P.NIX, Pure Water, RO-180, 15Lit/Hr. w/PT1
Model No. DH.WWP.RO180
Price : RM 13,870.29
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)14 Super A/C Filter
Model No. DH.WWP.PR14AC
Price : RM 165.52
Unit : 1/Ea.
(Acc.)10 Prefilter
Model No. DH.WWP.10PF
Price : RM 19.13
Unit : 1/Ea.
Product thumb
(Acc.)10 Prefilter
Product thumb
(Acc.)10 Prefilter

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