SI Analytics® Laboratory Hotplate Stirrer “SLR” , Glass Ceramic Plate, Approx. 550 , 100~1,000 rpm With Set/Actual Temp. Display, Speedy Heat-up or Controlled Temp. Adaptation,

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Brand: SI Analytics®
Item Name: Rod for stand, l450
Model No.: SG.285416492
Unit: 1/Ea.
Holder for temp. sensor z602
Model No. SG.285416505
Price : RM 1,727.28
Unit : 1/Ea.
Rod for stand, l450
Model No. SG.285416492
Price : RM 479.43
Unit : 1/Ea.
Stir hotplate digital, slr
Model No. SG.285416373
Price : RM 9,189.27
Unit : 1/Ea.
Micro-Resistance Thermometer, W 5791 NN HT
Model No. SG.285105308
Price : RM 1,748.86
Unit : 1/Ea.
Product thumb
Rod for stand, l450
Product thumb
Rod for stand, l450

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