Dispersing element, Ø65 mm

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Brand: IKA
Item Name: Dispersing element, Ø65 mm
Model No.: S 65 C - G 65 M
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Dispersing element, Ø65 mm
Volume range (H2O)2 - 40 l
Stator diameter65 mm
Rotor diameter53 mm
Gap between rotor and stator0.5 mm
allowable Speed max.9500 rpm
Circumferential speed max.28.8 m/s
Immersion depth90 - 450 mm
Shaft length520 mm
Material in contact with mediumAISI 316L, ceramic
pH range2 - 13
Suitable for solventsyes
Working temperature max.180 °C
Sterilization methodswet chemical
Ultimate fineness, suspensions20 - 50 µm
Ultimate fineness, emulsions5 - 15 µm
Weight3.91 kg
Product thumb
Dispersing element, Ø65 mm

Dispersing tool for the disperser T 65 basic/digital 

Type of sealing and bearing: Ball-bearing and ceramic plain bearing 
Product-touching material: AISL 316L, ceramic 
Suitable for solvents: Yes 
Sterilizable: all methods (except ball bearing) 
Suitable for vacuum: No 
Max. working temperature [°C]: 180 
Shaft length [mm]: 520 
Diameter stator/rotor [mm]: 65/58 
Gap between [mm]: 0.5 
Recommend emersion depth [mm]: 94 - 450 
Recommend working range [ml]: 2,000 - 40,000 

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